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Viper Keeper Knife

Viper Keeper Knife

Description of Viper Keeper Knife

Viper Keeper is a folder blade sports pocket knife designed for every-day and outdoor use and versions with stainless steel blade also for hunting. Keeper is a knife of Viper Keeper & Fate series.

Viper Keeper Knife

Viper Keeper Knife

A video review of Viper Keeper knife:

Viper Keeper Knife Blade Design

Viper Keeper has a blade with drop-point design with quite straight spine and curved end part of the bottom edge. The last two thirds of the blade spine are narrowed but not sharp; only the bottom side of the blade is sharp. Viper Keeper has unusual blade opening; blade can be opened with one hand pulling a blades cross guard or opened as a flipper opening. Blade opening is simple and smooth. When the blade is open the cross guard does its job and shows efficiency. Parts of the guard are shelved forward and protect the hand from slip onto the blade.

Viper Keeper Knife

Viper Keeper Knife

Viper Keeper Knife Blade Material

Viper Keeper has three optional blade surface finished and two different blade materials:

  • Böhler N690Co stainless steel with satin finish
  • AISI D2 tool steel with stonewashed finish
  • AISI D2 tool steel with black PVD coating

If user is a looking for a hunting knife; high corrosion resistant Böhler N690Co stainless steel with satin finish is the right choice. Böhler N690Co is a martensitic chromium stainless steel with following added alloy materials: cobalt, molybdenum and vanadium. N690 has a very high corrosion resistance, which is required for all hunting activities; contact with flesh, blood …

Viper Keeper with blade made of AISI D2 tool steel has higher hardness, strength, toughness and edge and abrasion resistance. Therefore AISI D2 version is an excellent choice for all outdoor and every-day activities. It has to be mention that AISI D2 tool steel is characterized as semi-stainless steel and is corrosion resistant for regular every-day use; that means blade does not comes in a contact with an aggressive media. AISI D2 tool steel blade with PVD coating has due to advanced PVD – Physical Vapour Deposition coating process technology higher impact resistance, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance.

Viper Keeper Knife

Viper Keeper Knife

Handle of Viper Keeper Knife 

Viper Keeper comes in two different handle materials depend on blade material

  • Wood handle for Böhler N690Co stainless steel blade
  • Micarta handle for AISI D2 tool blade (for PVD coating and stonewashed)

Wood handle

The Viper standard is to choose a fine wood also for hunting and outdoor knives and Keeper is not an exception. Normally only the gentleman knives enjoy those benefits. For the knife handle Keeper has two optional exotic wood materials; pau santo wood and ziricote wood. Although Keeper is an outdoor/hunting pocket knife it has really classic and elegant appearance.

Viper Keeper Knife - Wood Handle

Viper Keeper Knife – Wood Handle

Micarta handle

Micarta handle is available in combination with AISI D2 tool steel blade; stonewashed or PVD coated blade. Micarta is a composite, which is made of layered epoxy resin reinforce canvas fabrics. The main advantage of Micarta handle is that it enables a good grip even when the knife is not clean and dry.

Viper Keeper Knife - Micarta Handle

Viper Keeper Knife – Micarta Handle

The lines of Keeper are on the one hand very clean and simple but on the other knife craftsmen paid an attention to every small detail, which really gives a Keeper nice and special design. The top scales are fastened with three screws made of hardened AISI 303 stainless steel, where one is used as a pivot screw. The liners are made of hardened AISI 301 stainless steel.

For clipping the knife in the pocket, Viper Keeper Knife has a belt-clip made of stainless steel wire. Wire can be easily spread from the handle to grasp a trousers/jacket pocket, but still enough stiff not to worry to deform it.

Viper Keeper Knife - Belt Clip

Viper Keeper Knife – Belt Clip

Viper Keeper has liner-lock mechanism which firmly fixes the blade tang and ensures a safely use of the knife. The blade can be easily unblocked with a move of liner onside using a thumb.

Viper Keeper is designed by a famous Italian knife designer Fabricio Silverstelli and is made in Maniago – Italy by Tecnocut.

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