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Maserin Arm-1 knife

Maserin ARM-1 Knife

Maserin Arm-1 knife description

Maserin Arm-1 line knives are an all-round use knives with folder blade designed for everyday carry and outdoor use. Maserin ARM-1 line has two different models which differ in blade design:

The length of the knife is 22.0 cm and the weight is 162 gr.

Maserin ARM-1 650 Knife

Maserin ARM-1 650 Knife

The main features of the Maserin Arm-1 line

  • Blade made of 440 stainless steel
  • Bead blasted blade surface finish
  • Massive blade
  • Anodized aluminum handle with optional top scales
  • Glass breaker
  • Belt-clip made of 420 stainless steel
  • Thumb-stud one-hand opening
  • Liner Lock locking mechanism
  • Cross-guard

Video review of Maserin Arm-1 knife

Maserin Arm-1 blade

The blade is made of 440 stainless steel and has a drop-point design. It is 9.5 cm long and thick a bit less than 4.0 mm. The blade has one-hand opening using thumb-stud. The blade has plain edge. The surface finish is bead-blasted. Near the rotational pivot the blade has a middle size cross guard with notches for thumb resting.

Maserin ARM-1 650 Blade

Maserin ARM-1 650 Blade

Maserin Arm-1 handle

Maserin Arm-1 has handle made of anodized aluminum. Knife has different optional scale inlays:

  • Cocobolo wood
  • No slip rubber
  • Prestige olive wood
  • Olive wood

The handle is fastened with 3 hex (inbus) screws. Black anodized aluminum handle surface has mat appearance. Wooden inlays have a natural surface. Notches for fingers are also in the back side of bottom side of the handle for better grip.

On the bottom of the handle is placed a glass-breaker with a sling hole.


Maserin ARM-1 Handle

Maserin ARM-1 Handle

Maserin Arm-1 locking mechanism

Arm-1 has a liner-lock locking mechanism. The liner itself can be slide onside easily with one finger. Liner-lock is firm enough for any-kind of outdoor and everyday purposes.

Maserin ARM-1 650 liner-lock

Maserin ARM-1 650 liner-lock

Maserin Arm-1 knife is robust and massive knife but still precisely manufactured.

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