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Maserin Atti Knife

Maserin Atti Knife Description

Maserin Atti is a gentleman knife designed for everyday carry. Maserin Atti is made in Maniago; famous Italian city word wide known for knife making. Maserin Atti knife is designed by famous Italian knife maker and designer Attilio Morotti.

The knife comes in two different configurations, which differs in handle bolster:

  • Maserin Atti 388 – silver nickel bolster with wood scales
  • Maserin Atti 389 – wood scale over the whole length of the handle

Video review of Maserin Atti 389 Knife:

Maserin Atti Blade

Maserin Atti Knife has blade with drop-point design. Blade is 7.0 cm long and approximately 3.5 mm thick. The Maserin Atti knife has one-hand blade opening using thumb-stud. Thumb-stud is placed only on a right-hand side of the blade. It should be noticed that the thumb-stud can be removed with a classical torx screw driver that left-handed users can switch the side of a thumb-stud in just a couple of minutes.

The blade has logos of Maserin Company, Atti model, Maniago quality and blade material label. The blade has an almost straight spine and plain blade edge.

Maserin Atti Blade material

Maserin Atti has two optinal blade materials for model 388 and one for 389 models:

  • CPMS35VN stainless steel for Atti 388 and 389
  • Damascus stainless steel for Atti 388


CPM S35VN stainless steel blade

CPM S35VN is a special stainless steel. CPM S35VN is a martensitic stainless steel with very good toughness, therefore also labelled as  tool steel.. Due to vanadium and niobium carbides it is harder and has very good wear resistance, therefore it is an excellent choice for blade steel. CPM S35VN steel is produced by Crucible Industries LLC. The orientation guidelines for hardening of CPM S35VN are from to 58 to 61 HRC. Maserin designers hardened Atti blade up to 60 HRC, where they also came in good agreement with good toughness. The toughness tested with Charpy C-notch testing is 12.0 ft. lb., which is equal to 16.27 Joules.

Maserin Atti Handle

Maserin Atti line has two different models 388 and 389 which deferens in handle materials. Both models have elegant shaped handle with all parts made of stainless steel. The bottom part of the handle of almost straight and the back side is straight at the beginning and nicely curved at the bottom.

Wood scales are nicely polished and have natural surface. They also have a natural luster.

Maserin Atti 388 Handle

The handle is made of Silver Nickel bolster with optional handle scales:

  • Black burl
  • Briar wood
  • Ebony wood
  • Beech wood
  • Olive wood

Maserin Atti 389 Handle

The handle of Atti 388 has wooden scales over the whole handle length. Optional wood materials are:

  • Green burl
  • Black burl
  • Desert wood
  • Ebony wood
  • Olive wood

Maserin Atti locking mechanism

Maserin Atti knife has a liner-lock locking mechanism, which is placed into the handle.

Maserin Atti pouch

Both models of Maserin Atti knife comes with elegant pouch made of real black leather. Pouch has a Maserin logo on the front side. It is sewed with bright seams.  The pouch is made in Italy.

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