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Puma Bowie Knife

Puma Bowie Knife


Puma Bowie Knife

Puma Bowie Knife

Puma Bowie Knife is a full-tang fixed-blade hunting knife. Model Puma Bowie is a famous knife also called Puma Original Bowie knife. The knife is handmade by skilled master craftsmen in Solingen Germany. Solingen is word wide known city for knife manufacturing industry with very long tradition. In Solingen also Puma Company is located. Puma has 245 years long tradition in production of high quality hunting and outdoor knives.

Each Puma knife has a blade quality control and is custom proofed by Rockwell hardness test.

The length of the Puma Knife is 28.0 cm and weight 200 g.

Video review of Puma Bowie knife


Puma Bowie has a bowie blade design, which is actually a specific type of clip-point blade. The length of the blade is 15.5 cm. The first part of the blade has straight spine and the second half of the spine has concave shape. At the first part of the blade the upper side is the thickest; blade is 4.0 mm thick. Concave part of the spine is narrowed but not sharp, only the bottom edge is sharp. The end of the blade is pointy; appropriate for game sticking and boning.

Puma Bowie Knife

Puma Bowie Knife

The main requirement for hunting knife blade is total corrosion resistance, for all-round hunting knife also stiffness and hardness are of high importance. Puma Bowie Knife is made of high carbon, chromium stainless steel 440 C. Stainless steel 440 C is also labeled as 1.4125. 440 C is an excellent combination of following material properties

  •  – Highly corrosion resistance
  • – High surface hardness
  • – High stiffness and mechanical properties
  • – Excellent cutting properties
  • – Can be re-sharpened

Blade made of 440 C is appropriate for use in contact with food, blood and entrails liquids. Therefore Puma Bowie Knife with 440 C blade is appropriate for all hunting activities: boning, entrails cleaning, cutting of different materials, textile … It can be used as an outdoor knife.

The following table shows a content of alloy materials in the 440 C:

Alloy material C (Carbon) Cr (Chromium) Mo (Molybdenum) Ni (Nickel) Cu (Copper) Si (Silicon) P (Phosphorus) S (Sulfur)
Content % 0.95 – 1.2 16.0 – 18.0 < 1 < 0.75 < 0.5 < 1 < 0.04 < 0.03


The surface hardness of the blade is 57-60 HRC. One proof of the highest quality of Puma knives is that each and every knife is tested for hardness. Normally the test mark in at the upper part of the blade, near bolster. On the left side of the blade there is a Puma Company logo. Between knife and the handle is a bolster, which prevent hand to slip onto the blade. Bolster is a bit curved and nicely attaches to the point finger.

Puma Bowie Knife - Hardness test mark

Puma Bowie Knife – Hardness test mark


The top scales of the handle are made of natural stag horn. Every stag horn is unique, therefore also every handle is hand crafted, polished and fitted on the tang. Handle is precisely produced; all the small details are fine treated. Edges of interfaces between tang and horn scales are smoothly polished. Scales are attached with three rivets, which give a special appearance to the handle. Handle has also a sling hole made of brass. Stag horn has a textured surface, which enables a good grip.

Puma Bowie Knife - Handle

Puma Bowie Knife – Handle

Puma Bowie Knife - Handle

Puma Bowie Knife – Handle


Knife comes with a classic brown leather sheath. Sheath is has a constant width and is not curved or narrowed at the bottom as the majority of hunting sheaths.  Sheath has a safety strap for fastening the knife. Although safety strap covers the bolster not the whole handle, knife is firmly fastened in the sheath.  Sheath has an additional sling for fastening the knife through the sling hole in the handle. Sheath has a logo of Puma Company.

Puma Bowie Knife - Sheath

Puma Bowie Knife – Sheath

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