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Maserin Dolphin Knife

Maserin Dolphin Knife

Maserin Company

The company Maserin is specialized in knife manufacturing. They have long tradition of knife manufacturing, since 1960. They are located in Italian city Maniago, word wide famous for knife producing.

Maserin Dolphin Knife Instructions and Waranty

Maserin Dolphin Knife Instructions and Warranty

Maserin Dolphin Knife Overview

Maserin Dolphin is a very small pocket knife, which has everything what bigger knives have: thumb stud opening, drop-point blade, liner-lock locking mechanism, precisely manufactured rotational mechanism, sling hole, belt clip, thumb raster on blade near the tang … Those features/characteristics are otherwise common only for middle-size and big folder blade knives. Dolphin weights 62 grams and is 10.0 cm long when it is open.

Maserin Dolphin is designed for sport and outdoor use.  The designer of Maserin Dolphin Line is Clauido Volpato.

Maserin Dolphin Knife

Maserin Dolphin Knife

Maserin Dolphin Blade

The blade has a drop-point design and the thickest part is at the top of the blade. The length of the blade is 4.5 cm. When the blade is opened the shape of the blade and the handle reminds a bit on a dolphin, probably also the name comes for that reason.  The blade has a bulge on the beginning of the blade, where the thumb-stud is located. Also the bottom part of the blade is curved.

On the upper side of the spine near the handle are perpendicular notches for thumb resting, which is quite necessary for good handling especially for a small size knife.

The blade is made of AUS 8 stainless steel. AUS 8 is in category of AUS stainless steel and has high vanadium content; therefore AUS 8 blades distinguish:

  • high toughness
  • high wear-resistance


Maserin Dolphin Blade

Maserin Dolphin Blade

Opening of Maserin Dolphin knife

Maserin Dolphin has a thumb-stud opening on the left side of the blade. The part of the handle near the thumb (when the blade is closed) has a groove, which ensures enough space for comfort placing a thumb on the thumb-stud. Due to precisely manufacture rotational mechanism opening is smooth.

Maserin Dolphin Handle

The Maserin Dolphin handle is slightly curved and nicely shaped. The handle comes in different top scales configuration:

  • Olive wood
  • Bocote wood
  • Cocobolo wood
  • Ebony wood
  • G10 composite – orange, blue, green, black

All wood handles are nicely fitted to the handle and have a smooth surface. G10 is a composite material made of laminated fiberglass layers reinforce with resin. Handle made G10 has a good impact resistance and is also resistant on water. The surface of G10 handle is textured, which enables better grip.

The top scales are fastened with three small screws and one pivot screw.  The handle frame, spacers, screws and liners are made of stainless steel. Near the end of the handle is a sling hole. Maserin Dolphin has also a pocket belt-clip made of colored titanium alloy. Belt clip is stiff and enables firm fastening of the knife into the pocket or on the belt. Belt clip is fastened with two small screws.

Maserin Dolphin Locking Mechanism

Although Maserin Dolphin is a very small knife it has liner-lock locking mechanism. The leaf spring made of stainless steel blocks and fixes the blade tang firmly, that it does not move when the knife is opened. With the simple move of the leaf spring onside, blade can be easily closed.

Maserin Dolphin Liner-lock

Maserin Dolphin Liner-lock

The Maserin knife craftsmen produce Dolphin knives with the modern production technologies. All the steel parts are CNC machined and Laser cut, for that reason also the precision and the quality of the knives is on the high level.

Maserin Dolphin also corresponds to the Maniago quality control.

Video review of Maserin Dolphin Knife:

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