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Eickhorn RT III Rescue Knife

Eickhorn RT-III Rescue Knife

Eickhorn RT III Rescue Knife Overview

Eickhorn RT III is a professional rescue knife made for fire-fighters and other rescuers and is perfect tool for any kind of rescue operation. The overall length of the knife is 27.0 cm and the weight is 250 g.

Features overview:

  • 2 plane saw
  • Partly serrated blade edge
  • Belt and rope cutter
  • Glass breaker
  • Fluorescent signal foil on the handle
  • Cross guard
  • Heavy duty screw driver
Eickhorn RT-III Rescue Knife

Eickhorn RT-III Rescue Knife

Eickhorn RT III Blade

The whole length of the blade is 13.5 cm and the thickness is 4.7 mm. Blade is design specifically for rescuing. All knives of Eickhorn RT Rescue knife series are made for professional use; therefore also the blade shape is strictly purposive.

Eickhorn RT-III Blade

Eickhorn RT-III Blade

For reaching the highest possible effect with the saw, the saw has to be apple to cut in both directions. The Eickhorn knife engineers used two lines of saw teeth, each on separate blade plate. Saw teeth on different plates are oriented in opposite directions. An additional plane is fastened on a blade three with screws. The second plate is also a part of belt/rope cutter. The edge of the belt cutter is very sharp and enables fast and easy cutting. The angle of the cutter is approximately 30°. The first part of the blade has a serrated edge.

Eickhorn RT-III Saw

Eickhorn RT-III Saw

The end of the blade is designed as a heavy duty screw driver, which can open a wall hydrant (11 mm).

On the blade is Eickorn logo, a squirrel and the label that the knife is made in Germany – Solingen.

Eickhorn RT III Blade Material

Eickhorn RT III has blade made of martensitic stainless steel 1.4110 also labeled as X55CrMo14. A composition of added alloy materials in 1.4110 is approximately 0.48 – 0.6 % of Carbon, which is about a medium range, 13 – 15 % of Chromium and a content of Molybdenum is between 0.5 and 0.8 %.  The blade is hardened up to surface hardness of 56 HRC.

Eickhorn RT III Handle

Between the handle and the blade is a cross-guard, designed from protecting the hand when cutting a front car glass, plastics, etc. The handle and the cross-guard are made of fiber-glass reinforced polymer. The core of the cross-guard is made of stainless steel. The shape and the textured surface of the handle enables good and firm grip. The side surfaces of the handle are narrow and the top and the bottom are curved with perpendicular notches. The handle has also a sling hole.

Eickhorn RT-III Rescue Knife - handle with glass breaker

Eickhorn RT-III Rescue Knife – handle with glass breaker

On the side surfaces of the handle are fluorescent foils for finding a knife if it drops from the hand in the darkness. Fluorescent foils illuminate quite strong.

Eickhorn RT-III - Fluorescent foil in darkness

Eickhorn RT-III – Fluorescent foil in darkness

Eickhorn RT III Glass breaker

The glass breaker is located on the bottom the knife handle. The diameter of the breaker is almost as wide as the handle.

Eickhorn RT III Sheath

Eickhorn RT III comes with black Cordura sheath.  The inner part of the sheath, where the knife is placed is made of metal.  Sheath has a safety strap with a hook and loop fastening system.  A sheath has different options for fastening.

Eickhorn RT-III Sheath

Eickhorn RT-III Sheath

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